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A prestigious name in the field of poultry equipment for various poultry farms in Gujarat India for PVC Pipe and PVC Poultry Feeder for farms.

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Founded in 2003, Krishna Polymers is a progressive name in the arena of PVC products.

Impeccable Quality

We strictly comply with all the quality control standards and norms throughout the processes to guarantee optimum product quality.


Years in The Field

Consolidated research and development resources.

Poultry farms equipment and Poultry Farms Pipes

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PVC is a polymer of vinyl chloride and is extensively used as a thermoplastic polymer in various industry applications. It is highly durable and can be easily assembled which makes it apt for various purposes. PVC can be found in pipes, electric wires, hoses, tubes etc. PVC pipes are immensely used in PVC products. Light weight, low reactivity and high strength are some factors that are suitable for industry applications. Besides, PVC pipes find usage in sanitation, plumbing, irrigation, agriculture etc.

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